All the student information that we collect during the assignment is strictly kept confidential.  We make sure that the information that you give is not leaked. All the information is confidential so it’s not given to any third party. However, we at ‘Sample Assignment retain the right to reveal your information if compelled by law – if and when it is required to comply with legal processes or court orders. If you give your personal information to other sites and these sites connect with us for any purpose and if this discloses your information we are not responsible for the safety of your information. We shall not be liable for the disclosure of your content if another site pretends to be affiliated with us. To maintain the safety of your information when you log in to our website it’s important after your work on the site, you must log out from the website. Always make sure that at any site including our site not share your password or the ID. After submitting the assignment we contact you via phone or email depending on the situation. Our experts take all the requirements from you. After completing the assignment the experts again contact you in case of any revision.  If any confusion is created at your end we are not responsible for this. Our website can change the privacy policy at any time but before changing the privacy policy we make sure that every student or client knows about these changes. Modifications to our privacy policy will be posted here, and your continuing use of our service will be interpreted as your acceptance to be governed by the new policy changes.

Payment terms and conditions for the clients:

  1. the Half amount of the total amount to be paid for the assignment has to be paid before the commencement of the assignment.
  2. The other half needs to be paid before the delivery of the assignment.
  3. If the assignment will not be submitted on time, the amount paid will be refunded.
  4. In the case of exams, non-attempting of the questions will also make the client eligible for a refund.
  5. n the case of exams, failure will not make the client eligible for a refund due to the high certainty involved.

I want to cancel my order

100% refund is receivable if you deny writing until the writer receives this work. If the half or less time is passed you can claim 70%, after that time you can claim 50%. It depends on your deadline as the order is confirmed there. All funds go to the writer who receives your task. Contact us by chat or phone if you don’t want to work on your task. you can’t claim after the writer complete your task so if you decide to cancel the order inform us soon. You can press the “Refund” button on your page where you order. 30% is refundable if you don’t download the paper and have the cancellation order but it doesn’t come to us in time.

I paid for one order twice

Please, don’t shy if you have paid twice. In this process, you get two receipts so send us both to the email. You can receive extra charges in a short time.

I accidentally placed two identical orders

If you order one thing twice and have paid you have to contact us before assigning the writer, otherwise, it would not be refundable for further detail see (*I want to cancel my order*)

No writer was found to work on my order

We have good services for you and have experts to assign your task. If by chance there is no writer all payments will be refundable.

If you want to solve your paper by the two different writers, but one of them is absent your claim will be seen by the Dispute Resolution Specialist.

My paper was late

Please submit your all material on the order placement if some part is late uploaded by you, you can’t claim a refund. After the original deadline if the first version of the paper is delivered for the original reason you can request the order price recalculation. If an 8-hours completed paper goes one hour late it should be counted in the 24-hours delivery category. We refund 7% on your request if the lateness is (11-14 days or more).

You can refund if the first version is not late for you. You should submit the refund complaint on your order placed within 14 days.

The revision of my paper was late

Price calculation and delay refunds don’t revise since revision deadlines are set for each other. If your paper is due in 7 days, give the 5 days deadline for the revision.

I am not fully satisfied with the quality of the paper. However, I accept it and will revise it myself. I request a partial refund.

You can free request to revise if you are not satisfied with the paper quality. Alternatively, you have to press the refund button on your order page and type “I am not fully satisfied with the quality of the paper. However, I accept it and will revise it myself. I request a partial refund”. If you select this option your complaint automatically goes to the MS word revision. You can claim within the 14 days with the real reasons and examples. You have the button “refund” on your order page and you can press it within 14 days for all the refund partial requests.

I am completely dissatisfied with the quality of the paper, so I have decided to write it myself. I request a full refund.

You can ask for a free revision or assign a paper by the other writer if you are dissatisfied. Alternatively, you should click the “refund” button on your page and type the same question there. You can also complain in 14 days if your paper is used commercially as our writers are not allowed to share your paper with a third party so if do that you can fully refund. The company can use it commercially if you have complained. The customers have the opportunity to check their requests and orders. If you press the button “approve order” it goes to the printing and editing version of the paper, you can’t request for refund. If you press the revised version by using the “approved order” button then you are eligible for a refund.

I would like to receive a refund for an additional service/feature

* Progressive Delivery order

The progressive delivery feature has the deadline revision request to 21 days. If the first part is solved you can check it by pressing the button “approve part” and you can go to the other part of the paper in this condition you are unable to request the approved part it is not refundable. You can check by pressing the button “approve order” if the next is also started you can’t refund it. The progressive delivery fee of 10% is also not refundable.

* Samples service

Please sample provides in time as the 5$ of writer would not be refundable. If you are late to select the writer it would automatically select the initial writer.

* Writer’s category

If you select the ENL(English as a native language) writer who is advanced and pay the extra charges for this service. But we don’t find him and finish your work with the other writer who is available you can refund the extra charges.

* A copy of the sources used

Copy of sources deliver to your paper and its charges are un refundable if don’t deliver for some reasons it would be refundable.

I received my completed paper but forgot to approve it

Please note that if you forgot to approve your paper it would approve by your order on your page but if you are late from 14 days that would not be approved and it also would un refundable after 14 days.