CDR Summary Statement Writing

The final element of your CDR report is called a Summary Statement, and it is necessary for Engineers Australia’s Migration Skill Assessment procedure. The CDR report illustrates the applicant’s fundamental technical abilities and how well they can be used in the engineering profession. The summary statement is a compilation of the career episodes listed in the CDR, as the name implies. The applicants must evaluate their career episodes and include a cross-reference to the specific career episode paragraph in the summary statement.

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Skills and Knowledge Base

You must demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of the fundamentals of engineering that are relevant to the building discipline in this section of your professional engineer summary statement. You simply need to show that you are familiar with the material and can use it to complete any related tasks. It also expects you to show that you have a calculated understanding of science, that you have investigated headings, that you have learned about pertinent factors, and that you have an understanding of the standards, norms, scopes, and accountabilities of engineering practice.

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Format of the summary statement

A table is used to produce the summary statement. Engineers Australia has established specific competency elements for each occupational group. Additional competency indicators are linked to these competency elements. The applicants must determine which of their listed positions and accomplishments in their career episode corresponds to which indicator, and they must then provide the appropriate justification. They might not be able to include all the signs, for whatever.
A professional engineer summary statement consists of three main parts as follows:

  • Skills and knowledge base
  • Ability to apply Engineering
  • Personal and professional qualities

Ability to Apply Engineering

This is one of the most important parts of writing the Professional Engineer Summary Statement. You must demonstrate your specialized skills and aptitudes as an engineer or architect in this key area. You should carefully consider each illustration so that you can distinguish the lessons and relate them to reliable examples in your career episodes. The primary component in this segment can be used to demonstrate the approaches taken for handling engineering issues; in the second segment, you can mention the tools, systems, and resources used as a part of the projects; in the third component, you can show how to use configuration procedures; and in the fourth component, you can mention your understanding of task administration.

Personal and Professional Qualities

This space is for showcasing personal characteristics as well as professional ethics upheld in the workplace. For the Migration Skills Assessment, you should conduct yourself morally; you should possess strong oral relational skills, a creative and proactive attitude in the workplace, the ability to use data, and inspiring group initiative skills. In the final section of your professional engineer summary statement, you can demonstrate how the project was improved for the representatives’ health and conditions during project completion, as well as the social welfare of the workers.

Tips to make summary statements

  • The summary statement entirely depends on career episodes. Therefore, be sure that you have properly prepared the Career Episodes. Try to review your career episodes once more before beginning the summary statement to determine whether they relate to Engineers Australia’s requirements for the Migration Skill Assessment.
  • Giving the name of career episodes is another best thing that should be mentioned in the paragraph like CE1, CE1.1, CE 1.2, CE2, CE2.1 so on. It would help out to indicate the cross-references and compare indicators to career episodes.
  • The career episodes would be examined many times because they must be understandable.
  • It would not compulsory that your summary statement has a length of one page. Don’t give a lot of details but make sure that you give a brief explanation that describes the whole competency indicator you have choose

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