Write the Literature Review Contents

  • What is Literature Review?
  • What’s the Purpose of your Literature Review?
  • What kind of Literature?
  • Sources of a Literature Review
  • Study of the Literature
  • The analysis you’re Work
  • Structure of a Literature review
  • Overview 

Literature Review

In this Process we analysis of your selected topic or subject. It is the complete Survey of your Research.

Purpose of the Literature Review

First of all, you must have a concept about which purpose are you going to write down the Literature. The Question of the topic or assignment must be known to you when you are going to search. Determine your selected criteria and then Work out what you need to address in the Literature.

Kind of the Literature Review

There are multiple materials through which you can search for your selected topic. You can use a variety of books, journal articles, reports, and websites scholarly sources are sources for searching. You must choose the Library which is one of the best places

Sources of Literature Review

The sources depend upon your assignment or the topic did you choose. The number of sources varies from assignment to assignment. Usually, it starts at five. Undergraduate students require between 5 To 20. Graduate students mostly need between 20 To 40.

Study of the Literature

  • You have to carefully read your Literature.
  • Must make notes it will help you a lot.
  • Show all the materials you used to determine how different sources relate to each other like tables, matrices, maps, etc.

Analysis of your work

You must analyze your literature. It is one of the strongest parts. There are multiple things for analyzing.

  • Check Your Keywords.
  • Check terms and conditions.
  • Is this article relevant to your topic?
  • Similarities and differences
  • Trends and patterns.
  • How authentic is it?
  • Is it fulfilling your purpose?


Structure of a Literature Review

Start with writing

You must start your thesis by writing. It is one of the main parts. The format of the Literature is just like an essay. It includes the introduction, body Paragraph, and conclusions. Your Information must be correct and authentic because the reader would read your writing part firstly.


Your Introduction needs this information:

  • What’s the purpose of writing the review?
  • Why did you choose this topic?
  • What’s the demand for this topic?
  • All criteria which you choose must be mentioned.
  • Show the organizational pattern

Paragraph Body

Each body paragraph of the literature review has a different theme that must be relevant to your topic. Don’t try to add multiple trends or gaps in a single paragraph. Try not to make it too much longer. The trend or gap in the research must be focused on your topic.

The body paragraph wants this information:

  • Your historical background.
  • The study which you did on the topic.
  • All methodologies.
  • Common and Different Points of view.
  • All questions are being asked.
  • Conclusion.


 Your conclusion shows that you’re all aspects It is in the form of a summary. It includes the answers to all questions all agreements and disagreements which makes it more understandable and readable


After the completion of all steps, you must check that is it plagiarism free. Is it having a scope? Is it giving the answers to all questions? Is it fulfilling the criteria? Is it developing the interest of the readers? Is it making your topic or assignment attractive? You should take an overview of the literature review when it has been completed

How To Write Literature Review With Sample